Our state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that is precision and capable of repairing, fabricating, welding and machining a wide variety of parts for a variety of industrial purposes.

We also offer the rental of forklifts and aerial lifts.

Vertical and Horizontal CNC Milling Machine

This machine tool has a rotary component with multiple edges, and the machine part is clamped on an adjustable table that is moved manually.

Use: For making single parts, doing repairs and manufacturing primarily standard parts that require less precision.

Capacity: 40 inches (x) X 40 inches (y) x 20 inches (z).

CNC milling machine

This machine is equipped with a photoelectric reader and is used to machine a wide variety of metallic parts. The part is clamped down and the milling machine moves along three axes to cut the part.

Use: For drilling and profiling sheet metal of various sizes.

Capacity: 50 inches (x) x 20 inches (y) x 25 inches (z).

Lathe Machine

This machine tool is used to machine a part by removing material while it is turning on its axis.

Use: For making large-sized single parts with a less complex profile as well as repairing parts of various sizes.

Capacity: 24 inches in diameter x 20 feet long.

CNC Lathe machine

With this high-precision turning machine, the part is mobile and the machine’s movement creates the profile.

Use: A turning machine is used to manufacture rotating parts primarily, although some machines can make very complex shapes.

Capacity: 1/8 inches to 30 inches in diameter by 60 inches long.

Radial Drill

This is a tool used to drill large dimensions in which the drilling head is adjustable. The part is clamped and the tool rotates.

Use: For drilling holes or boring.

Capacity: 36 inches long x 42 inches high x 42 inches deep.

Hydraulic Puncher

The hydraulic puncher can pierce or perforate metallic parts of different sizes.

Use: For making holes of various sizes (round, square, oblique, etc.).

Capacity: 50 tonnes, plates up to ¾ inches thick.

Hydraulic Press

This type of press uses a hydraulic cylinder to apply force to the pressure-clamped work-piece (sheet metal) so that it may be cut or reshaped.

Use: For modifying the shape of a part to adjust it to the desired size.

Capacity: 50 tonnes.

Overhead Crane

Our workshop also has an overhead crane, which is a very handy piece of lifting equipment used to move large-sized parts.

Use: For moving parts into place for their repair.

Capacity: 5000 kg

Horizontal Band Saw (Semi-Automatic)

We have a horizontal band saw that enables us to cut the different metals with which we work. The blade, the teeth and the cutting speed can be adjusted for different materials.

Use: Cuts a variety of materials.

Capacity: Up to 13 inches in diameter and 20 inches long by 13 inches high for rectangular material.

Vertical Band Saw

We have a vertical band saw that enables us to cut the various metals with which we work. This saw gives us more versatility than the horizontal band saw.

Use: Cuts a variety of materials.

Capacity: 36 inches long by 13 inches high.

Honing Machine (SUNNEN MBB-1660)

Honing is a technique used in particular to finish the interior rotating surfaces of mechanical parts. An abrasive material is used, like abrasive agglomerate stones, which vary in quality and grain depending on the application.

Use: Engine cylinders, guides, sleeves, hydraulic cylinders, boring hardened steel parts, etc.

Capacity: 0.060 to 6.500 inches in diameter by 16 inches long